Terms & Conditions:

Each item at Copper 444 is sold as is, and is listed according to thickness and diameter dimensions (thicknesses are slightly over 1/8-inches to allow for machining).  In choosing to purchase a particular item, you are choosing that specific item and will receive that particular item as it is, saw cut from a solid rod of copper niobium material.  Each item may or may not have been professionally deburred around the edges and may or may not present the same consistent sheen throughout the surface of the piece. 

Copper 444 does not guarantee pattern consistency throughout custom cut pieces. Copper 444 is not responsible for refunding or replacing material that has inconsistently patterned filaments or filament size or spacing. All custom cut orders are non-refundable. 

It is not the responsibility of Copper 444 to supply purchased material at any grade level above and beyond however it appears in the photo of the listed item.  Each item has the capacity to be machined, once purchased, by the purchaser, and possesses all the properties of copper, including but not limited to the capacity to shine or be polished so that the pattern becomes more substantially visible and apparent.  

Copper 444 takes great care to deliver the purchased material without accidental defects, dings or flaws inflicted prior to delivery.  If the purchaser drops the material or inflicts flaw upon the material received in any way, Copper 444 is not responsible for replacing the material or refunding the purchaser for the cost of the material.  

Copper 444 is not obligated, nor will volunteer, to supply potential customers with samples of the material it sells.  If a customer would like to purchase the material on our website at Copper444.co and then return the material unharmed and unaltered to Copper 444, Copper 444 will refund the customer the cost of the material, not including shipping.  Purchaser must notify Copper 444 of the intent to return the received item within 3 days after it was received.  After 3 days, if no contact from the purchaser has been made with Copper 444 requesting a return and refund, Copper 444 assumes the purchaser decided to keep the item and no refund will be granted thereafter. Custom cuts are always non-refundable. Purchaser assumes all risk of dissatisfaction when placing a custom order.

Copper 444 does not accept pre-orders for material not in stock.  Material will be sold on the Copper 444 shop website and will be posted there as it becomes available.  Material will be sold on a first come, first serve basis.  No order inquiries please.  
Material can be ordered for specific size dimensions and must be paid in full when the order is placed before material will be cut to requested dimensions.  Purchaser may not pre-order thickness variations, nor provide payment for dimension requests before material is in posession of Copper 444 AND inspected by Copper 444, as most of the material that Copper 444 provides contains some variation in pattern consistency and design.  Therefore, Copper 444 requires each order placement to be made based upon prior inspection by Copper 444 and for material that Copper 444 has in stock, not in transit or on backorder.      

Each item is approximately 4 ounces in weight, for .130" thicknesses.  Shipping costs are based on this estimate.  

Copper 444 is not responsible for lost items shipped internationally.  Additionally, Copper 444 will not replace or refund purchases that failed to arrive at international destinations due to shipping complications, as customs and international shipping policies are inconsistent with United States requirements and guarantees.  The purchaser assumes and agrees to all risk involved in shipping material internationally from Copper 444, which is located in the United States.

updated 9/3/2014